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Turk Telekom, cloud computing service!

"Belbil Turk Telekom" with the municipalities' will Bulut.

Turk Telekom, the municipalities of information technology to meet the needs of cloud computing technology that provides a single center "of Turkish Telecom Belbil" service is available. "Belbil Turk Telekom", the infrastructure, software, hardware and applications they will provide investments to save.

Turk Telekom, Turkey's leading communication and convergence technology company

, innovative technologies, continues to offer its customers. Turk Telekom's cloud computing technology to municipalities through the implementation of custom developed Belbil, institutions, introduces the cloud.

Sampaş Inc. Belbil service developed in cooperation with Turkish Telecom, the municipalities need the software and the necessary infrastructure for applications, software, access, storage, and allows them to save training costs. At the same time as the data to be stored in a secure Data Center offers the possibility of Turkish Telecom.


2 thousand municipal services (Sofware as a Service / Software as a Service) model, which serves over Belbil, flexible solutions to meet IT requirements of the municipality of about 2 thousand. Municipalities realized that eliminates the cost of IT investment in return for this service, only to be paid a monthly service fee.

All of the municipalities of Turk Telekom

information technology (IT) and management of business undertaken by municipalities with innovative Belbil service, be able to offer services in a professional manner. Belbil Turk Telekom, Turkey is an important link in the e-state structure, create, create value for citizens of both municipalities and the municipal service area.

IT applications, hardware and software costs of the Turkish Telecom Belbil'e want to save money by entrusting municipalities, "Start", "Standard" and "Pro" packages to choose one that suits them best.

Cloud computing is coming with the new applications

Belbil application for municipalities that started a new era of information technology, CEO of Turk Telekom, K. Jennifer Booth, cloud computing, said they would continue to offer new applications for different sectors through. Strong technology infrastructure, ongoing investments, the value of innovative products and services in business and business processes that kattıklarını Booth, "cloud computing technology," offer the opportunity to meet with the municipalities, said the information technology needs from a single center. "Turkish Telecom Belbil" project, and municipalities, as well as municipalities that would achieve significant gains in the service areas K. Jennifer Booth, "Turkey's leading communication and the new technologies as a convergence technology company, will continue to offer favorable terms of individual and institutional customers," he said.

BELBİL service, providing local governments the modernization and integration of e-government, e-transformation process in Turkey is a significant lack of attention by complementing Sampaş Inc. Chairman of the Board Şekip King said:

"Intelligent Automation of the city, City Information Systems in the 30-year know-how, Turk Telekom are happy with the power integrates. This synergy will provide a major contribution to the process of Turkey's e-devlet/e-dönüşüm. BELBİL all municipalities with the great and small, regardless of pre-yatırımsız, quality, standard and high value-added Information Technology services, and citizens be able to use technology-based, one to one and will offer interactive services. "

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